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Kinima Sosialdimokraton

Party name: Movement of Socialdemocrats EDEK
Country: Cyprus
Acronym: EDEK
Type: Full member
Party leader: Marinos Sizopoulos
Status of the Party: Opposition
Last general elections date: 22/05/2016
Last general elections results: 6.18%

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Yiannakis L. Omirou

Born in Kato Pafos on 18 September 1951. He studied in the National and Kapodistriako University of Athens – Greece. He was elected Member of the House of Representatives standing as an EDEK Socialist Party candidate in the Pafos constituency for the first time at the parliamentary elections of 24 May 1981 and was re-elected at the subsequent parliamentary elections of 8 December 1985, 19 May 1991 and 26 May 1996 (until 1998, when he was appointed Minister of Defence). At the parliamentary elections of 27 May 2001 he was elected Member of the House standing as a Social Democratic Movement (KISOS) candidate in the Pafos constituency. He was parliamentary spokesman of the EDEK Socialist Party. He was secretary general and first vice chairman of the EDEK Socialist Party. In 1988 he was appointed Minister of Defence. He was elected Chairman of the Social Democratic movement (KISOS) on 22 July 2001 (on 29 July 2003 the Movement changed its name to Movement of Social Democrats EDEK). He was deputy chairman of the House Standing Committee on Legal Affairs. He is chairman of the House Standing Committee on Defence Affairs and a member of the House Standing Committees on Human rights, on European Affairs, on Legal Affairs, on Development Plans and Public Expenditure control and a substitute member of the Special House Standing Committee on Declaration and Examination of Property. He was a member of the delegations of the House to the E.U. – Cyprus Joint Parliamentary committee and to the Inter – Parliamentary Union (I.P.U) He is also a member of the National Council.


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