Renzi’s endorsement for Schulz as Commission President step towards a more democratic Europe




The process to give voters a direct say in who is elected the next Commission President received another major backing this Friday from Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime-Minister and Party Leader of Partito Democratico.

Speaking after meeting with Schulz in Florence, Matteo Renzi stated that Every vote for Partito Democratico is a vote for our common candidate Martin Schulz.” lending his full support for the candidate process.

Commenting on the endorsement, Martin Schulz called the public declaration made by Renzi “another step towards a more democratic Europe.” I want to be the first Commission President that is result of a democratic vote, not a backroom deal,” Schulz stated, “to get these two public endorsements, first from French President Francoise Hollande, and now from Italian Prime-Minister Matteo Renzi - in the span of just 12 hours - is a major step for European democracy.”