Schulz has the solution to the Spanish job crisis




Speaking at a major Spanish Socialists (PSOE ) rally in Malaga, Spain this weekend, PES Common Candidate for Commission President Martin Schulz state that “We must invest to create more jobs for our young generation”.

At the Andalucía event, Schulz was introduced by PSOE head of list MEP candidate and PES Vice-President Elena Valenciano. She praised the PES Common Candidate saying that a vote for PSOE was a vote for Martin and a new progressive EU. The crowd responded to Mr. Schulz’s youth employment comments with a standing ovation. “We have to raise the ambitions and funds for the youth guarantee, and implement a special credit line for SMEs that employ young people”, he added. 

Schulz presented his plan to fight against tax evasion and tax fraud and underlined the need for everyone to pay their fair share. I want to put fairness at the heart of our tax policy. We will begin to rebuild trust when Europeans know their taxes are not subsidizing the wealthy,” Schulz stated.

Together with Susana Díaz, President of the region of Andalucia, Schulz also met with NGO representatives during his visit to Malaga.  Speaking to the group, Schulz underlined his priority of the fight against poverty and protecting the most vulnerable people in Europe if he becomes Commission President after the elections in May. “For me, a more social Europe means a Europe that defends the rights of the most vulnerable people in our society”, he stated.