Schulz in Athens trip to promote ‘progressive coalition’ for euro elections


Martin Schulz

Martin Schulz

Party of European Socialists (PES) candidate for European Commission President, Martin Schulz, will today attend a progressive political rally outside Athens, Greece. The rally comes one week after he was elected PES Common Candidate at the PES Congress in Rome.

The rally, organised by the new ‘Olive tree’ coalition,  is to prepare for the European elections at the end of May.  Mr. Schulz will address approximately 2000 supporters and will be introduced by PASOK leaderEvangelos Venizelos. The rally will take place at thePeace and Freedom Stadium.

Mr. Schulz will later hold meetings with leader of the Dimar (Democratic Left) Party, Mr. Fotis Kouvelis and with the Mayor of Athens, Georgios Kaminis. Both meetings will take place in theHilton Hotel, Athens.

Speaking ahead of the trip, Mr. Schulz said that; “The Greek people deserve to have a strong progressive option at this May’s European elections. Their primary concern is which bloc can best bring social recovery. Therefore I call on all reliable progressive forces to put aside tribal prejudices and to work together for the social future of the electorate”.