The delay in EU budget will be worth it if priority of ‘continent-wide’ economic recovery is remembered, says PES President


PES President, Sergei Stanishev

PES President, Sergei Stanishev

Responding to the developments today at the EU Council, the Party of European Socialists (PES) President, Sergei Stanishev, has said that the delay in securing an agreement on the EU budget; “Will be worth the wait if we remember that the single biggest priority is ‘continent-wide’ economic recovery in Europe”.

Speaking from Sofia tonight, Mr. Stanishev said that he understood that; ‘these decisions take time and patience. It will be worth the weeks or month of delay if we can ensure future years of economic growth and job creation throughout the Union. We should make sure that we do not have compromise for compromise’s sake, but instead stay mindful of European people’s demands”.

He reiterated that the PES family was committed to;

  • a budget that that can fund a European Youth Guarantee
  • an EU Budget that contributes to building a strong social Europe through social cohesion
  • a budget that supports growth oriented investment for job creation
  • a budget that invests in green growth
  • an EU budget that includes proper gender budgeting
  • a strong programme for the development of EU ‘own resources’.

In conclusion Mr. Stanishev urged European Council participants to remember that; “We can respect national positions without resorting to nationalistic rhetoric. The lesson remains that Europe’s economic and political recovery rest on good cooperation and solid compromise”.

He pledged that the PES family would be ‘fully mobilised’ over the coming weeks to ensure the best result for the people of Europe.