PES supports the efforts of Romanian Social Democrats to prevent further chaos in the country


The Party of the European Socialists is deeply concerned by political turbulence caused by the conservative government led by Prime Minister Florin Citu (PNL/EPP) and supports its member party PSD in the current situation in Romania.

In such a difficult time for the Romanian people with the next wave of COVID-19 in sight and the need of swift action for the Romanian Recovery Plan both the conservatives - PNL and the liberals - USR PLUS are consumed by internal issues.
The PES member party in Romania – PSD is trying to be the voice of reason in such a difficult situation, and we support all the efforts of Romanian Social-democrats to prevent further chaos by requesting the resignation of the current government and trigering snap elections. This situation could have been avoided if the President of the Republic would have respected the outcome of the elections and allowed PSD, as winner of the elections, to nominate a Prime-Minister according to European and national political practices.
The PSD and its leader Marcel Ciolacu are making all necessary efforts for the conservative government to be dismissed while safeguarding the European values unlike USR PLUS, who made an alliance with the Romanian far right party AUR, threatening the European path of the country.
The PES appreciates the pro-European approach by the PSD and supports all its effort to call for the snap elections that would ensure a Parliament providing Romania with a stable government capable of dealing with current challenges.