PES celebrates SPD-led progressive coalition agreement in Germany


Olaf Scholz speaking at the PES Conference on the Future of Europe in Berlin, June 2021

Olaf Scholz speaking at the PES Conference on the Future of Europe in Berlin, June 2021

Europe’s socialist and social democratic political family praises the progressive coalition agreement announced today in Berlin. With a government led by the Social Democratic Party (SPD) – a full member of the Party of European Socialists (PES) - Germany and Europe will be on course for a fairer and more sustainable future.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“From the outset, it has been clear that Olaf Scholz is the preferred candidate of the citizens to be elected Chancellor. He has the trust of the public, he has the programme, and now he has the coalition agreement.

“The whole PES family, and I as PES president, will be very proud and happy when we will likely welcome him as Chancellor at our next PES meeting.

“The formation of a progressive government in Germany will mark the beginning of a new cycle, not only for Germany but also for Europe. We can move further towards social fairness and environmental sustainability. Towards investment, respect and solidarity.

“From more clean electricity, to less polluted cities, and a stronger focus on social justice, the coalition agreement puts Germany and Europe firmly on this path.”

German voters went to the polls in September, with the SPD winning the elections and emerging as the strongest political force. Following weeks of negotiations, a coalition agreement was finalised today between the SPD – the largest party in the Bundestag - and the Green Party and the Free Democrats (FDP).

Each party in the coalition is now set to ratify the agreement, paving the way for Olaf Scholz to be elected Chancellor at the beginning of December.

Prime ministers, European Commissioners and leaders from the PES will next meet at the PES Council in Brussels on 16 December.