A vote for the PES family is a vote for Martin Schulz as next Commission President




“A vote for the PES family is a vote for Martin Schulz as next Commission President”. So said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls at a European election rally for the Spanish (PSOE) and Catalan (PSE) Socialist parties. Speaking sometimes in French, sometimes Spanish or Catalan, the Barcelona born Valls gave an enthusiastic endorsement of Schulz’s candidacy and how the voters have the real say in who becomes next Commission President.

The lead candidate of PSOE Elena Valenciano and local PSC’s Javi Lopez also reaffirmed their support for Schulz’s European wide campaign. Former Spanish Prime Minister, Filipe Gonzalez closed the event with a rallying cry to the assembled activists.

Speaking after the event, Schulz said that; ‘this has been a truly historic night. To hear in Barcelona tonight the French Prime Minister, speaking in Spanish and Catalan, endorse my candidacy, is extraordinary. This campaign by social democrats and socialist parties for a more progressive Europe, is truly European wide. To have Manuel Valls, Elena Valenciano, Javi Lopez, and Filip Gonzalez underline just how strong the connect is between millions of votes this weekend and who will be next Commission President is a commitment to European democracy. The PES family is delivering on its promise to give the voters a real say in who runs Europe”.

The rally attended by over 4000 cheering supporters provided a huge boost to the PSOE and PSC campaigns.

Mr. Schulz’s next campaign stop is Vienna (22nd May), a debate with German candidates in Berlin that evening, before arriving on Friday at the flood affected region of Osijek in Croatia to assess the emergency response with Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic.

He will then head on to Lyon, France for the final event of the European tour, before concluding his campaign on Saturday with a rally in his home region of Achen.