From Italy to German: When will the conservative Leadership finally react to the scandalous accusations of their attack dogs?


PES General Secretary Achim Post reacts to the despicable attacks by CSU.

The CDU Politicians Markus Ferber and Andreas Scheuer, with their nationalistic barking, turn themselves more and more into a copy of Silvio Berlusconi. While the Head of the Italien Forza Italia accuses Martin Schulz of being too German, the CSU denies the PES common candidate being a German patriot. That the CSU called Martin Schulz an associate of criminal human trafficking gangs, which are responsible for the death of thousands of people, is in scandalous bad taste. While Martin Schulz fights against the demons of nationalism all over Europe, also protecting the German Chancellor when she is being unfairly attacked, Ferber and Scheuer sling mud and have officially left the stage of political decency. And the best part: After the election this fine bunch wants to work with Berlusconi and his CSU friends again as one political family. For how long will the CDU leadership continue to watch this irresponsible spectacle from the sidelines?