Letter congratulating Amir Peretz upon his election as Labor party leader


Mr. Amir PERETZChairman of the Labor Party of Israel Brussels, 16 November 2005 Dear Amir,Dear Mr Chairman, On behalf of the Party of European Socialists, I would like to warmly congratulate you for your election as Chairman of the Labor Party and to send you my best wishes for your new role. Your election is of enormous importance for the future of Israel and the future of the region.

Your campaign based on the development of a prosperous and inclusive society, with a high level of social protection, good working conditions and the protection of workers rights, has met the wishes of the majority of the Labor Party members.

I am confident that a large part of the Israeli society will also support your vision.

In the meanwhile, your commitment to revitalise the peace process and to open negotiations after the disengagement from Gaza, is also a strong signal to Israeli and Palestinian society, the region and the International community.

The PES believes that the end of conflict between Israel and Palestine must be the top priority of the international community. It is the best way to open up a new era of stability and prosperity in a democratised region. The PES supports a political solution enabling a secured state of Israel to coexist alongside a Palestinian people living in their own independent and viable state.

I would like to guarantee you that the PES is very committed to help and to support you.

I hope that we will meet soon to strengthen relations between the PES and the Labor Party.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen