Macedonian SDSM leaders visit PES headquarters in Brussels


Yonnec Polet, Radmila Sekerinska & Ann Linde

Yonnec Polet, Radmila Sekerinska & Ann Linde

SDSM President Zoran Zaev and Deputy President Radmila Sekerinska, also member of PES presidency, came to Brussels on the 7th of January to meet the European Comissioner for Enlargement Stefan Füle. A visit to the PES party headquarters to meet the Deputy Secretary General Yonnec Polet and the Head of International Unit Ann Linde was also on the agenda.

SDSM is in the process of writing a new political programme, to be adopted at their congress in a few months. They want to give more strenght to the middle class, wipe out poverty and fight youth unemployment."The PES campaign for a youth guarantee is a big inspiration for us", said Radmila Sekerinska.

After the violence used against the parliamentarian representatives and journalists during the parliamentary sessions last December, the party has struggled to work with constructive proposals to the benefits of the Macedonian people. "The events last year was a clear denial of freedom of expression, a breach of democracy and a gross violation of the Constitution which guarantees the freedom of expression and media", said Sekerinska. For a while the party declined to take part in the parliamentary work and in elections, but in an agreement fostered by commissioner Fühle, they decided to go back.

Deputy General Secretary Yonnec Polet said: "PES strongly support the EU perspective for Macedonia and regret the fact that the conservative Macedonian government has lost momentum in this process due to the practice of selective justice, restricted media freedoms and unfair pressure on the opposition and individual opposition representatives".

Concrete plans for the beginning of 2014 were discussed, continuing the PES close cooperation with SDSM. The PES will support SDSM in the presidential election and in their important work with the new political programme.