Malta trip occasion for Martin Schulz to outline common EU immigration policy plan




Party of European Socialists candidate for European Commission President, Martin Schulz, used his trip to Malta to outline his detailed proposals for a common EU policy on immigration. Schulz attended a series of events with Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the highlight being a European election rally with over 1000 Partit Laburista supporters.

Speaking to the very receptive crowd, Schulz stated that "the immigration question in the EU was a question for all 500 million Europeans". He emphasised that his policy would fight for more solidarity among EU countries. “As Commission President”, Schulz continued, “I will put forward a system of legal immigration with clear rules. Those who say Europe doesn't need a system enable criminals to continue to exploit desperate people”.

Mr. Schulz also visited the headquarters of the Maltese Labour party (Partit Laburista – PL) to meet the candidates for the European elections and see how the party was faring in its election campaign, entitled Energija Posittiva. Schulz started his visit with a short briefing at the Maltese Prime Ministers official residence.

You can read Schulz´s speech here and  find pictures from the event here.