Martin Schulz receives backing for Commission President from Europe’s progressive mayor


Martin Schulz

Martin Schulz

This morning Martin Schulz secured endorsement for Commission President from the regional and local progressive forces in Europe in the PES group in the Committee of the Regions (CoR).

At the meeting, Martin Schulz emphasised the importance of increased turnout and encouraged the regional and local representatives to mobilise their progressive voters to join him in the fight for real change in Europe.

Martin pledged that as Commission president the first question he would ask the civil services was in what way, on what policies, decisions can be taken closer to the citizens as this closeness encourages acceptance and therefore a more legitimate and democratically accountable Europe. This is especially important to him as a former Mayor of the German City Würselen for 11 years.

Martin promised to fight for a fairer Europe as Commission President, to fight for a just Europe where large companies pay taxes in the countries that they make their profit, a continent where the companies give back to their community instead of where citizens have to pay for multi-million corporations at the cost of their social security as they do today.

Read the PES group in the Cor press release here.