Martin mobilises SLD Poland members at convention in Sosnowiec


Leszek Miller, Martin Schulz

Leszek Miller, Martin Schulz

Martin Schulz, PES Common Candidate designate spoke at the Democratic Left Alliance’s (SLD) convention in Sosnowiec. Together with SLD President and former Prime Minister Leszek Miller, Martin kicked off the SLD campaign for the European elections as they encouraged delegates to be active contributors in the fight for a better Europe in the upcoming months.

“We want a Europe which works towards a decent life for its citizens, not for the banks and financial markets. We want a Europe which effectively combats youth unemployment, which promotes gender equality and stands for internal and international security. We need deeper European integration that guarantees minimum standards, minimum social rights and wages as well as worker’s rights,” stated Leszek Miller at the convention. The former Polish Prime Minister wished Ukraine a safe and quick path towards the EU and encouraged all sides to keep the channels of communication open.

At the convention, the SLD delegates accepted and applauded Martin Schulz as the PES Candidate designate for Commission President.

“Citizens do not expect to be made billionaires, but they do expect that we can at least guarantee them a decent life,” Martin Schulz stated as he asked the SLD delegates for their support to change Europe for the better.

During the convention a mid-term confidence vote took place for the SLD National Board and Executive Committee. All membes of both bodies, including SLD President Leszek Miller and Secretary General Krzysztof Gawkowski, received overwhelming votes of confidence - over 95% support.