Nelson Mandela: 1918 - 2013


Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

The world has lost a great political leader and a human being with immense integrity and strength. Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to people all over the world, black and white, men and women, young and old.

His clear political will for reconciliation, after being in prison for 27 years, saved South Africa and paved the ground for a non-racial democratic country, so long ravished by racism.

Mandela was an inspiration for politicians all over the world, where the call for revenge is so much more common than the hard way of reaching out your hand to former oppressors and enemies.

Freedom, democracy and solidarity were the leading words of Mandela. He managed to make it a reality.

European Social Democrats, Socialists and Progressives mourn a great leader and a true political friend. May his legacy inspire generations to come. Let us all continue his work.