Only Boris Tadic and the Democratic Party (DS) are capable of leading Serbia to EU Accession


flag serbia

flag serbia

For the past years the Serbian people and government have been working tirelessly towards EU Accession. Under the leadership of the Democratic Party (DS) Serbia has met all the criteria set down by the EU in order to achieve Candidate Status.

As President, Boris Tadic has proved that he is the strong and capable leader that his country needs. Through the dynamic programmes he has launched, the tough stance he has taken on criminal enterprises, Boris Tadic and the Democratic Party have shown that they are the best party to lead Serbia.

A return to nationalistic politics must be avoided. There can be no progression in the EU and in the Western Balkans without strong social democratic leadership. The PES believes that Boris Tadic and the Democratic Party in Serbia are the best option for the citizens of Serbia.

The PES gives its full support to Boris Tadic for the second round of the Presidential Elections of 20 May and is convinced that his victory will bring lasting success to Serbia and its people.