PES Campaign Managers coordinate strategy for a new Europe




The PES Campaign Managers Network met today in Paris to discuss the coordination of European Election campaigns in their respective countries, at the invitation of PES Vice-President and newly elected PS Leader Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. PES Member Parties underlined the importance of the upcoming European Elections and pledged that through combined efforts, there's a good chance that Europe will turn left in May.

“With only 35 days to go until the elections and preparations in full swing – it’s crucial for our political family to meet, exchange strategies and coordinate common actions to show voters that we are a coherent and credible alternative." PES Deputy Secretary General Marije Laffeber stated. “As we set out our battle plan for Europe, growth is at a standstill and 27 million Europeans are looking for a job - we need to show our voters that a left-wing Europe can change their life for the better, we need to show them that united we have the best plan to restore growth and jobs for all Europeans" she continued.

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, commenting on the upcoming European Campaign launch of PS France taking place that evening, told participants that "today PS France will present its plans for another Europe, and a new European vision - that's why PES common candidate Martin Schulz is the key speaker of the evening, together with other prominent European leaders like PES Vice-President and PSOE top candidate Elena Valenciano and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. It will show French voters that these elections aren't only of vital importance for the people of France, but for the direction of Europe as a whole."

Tonight at Cirque D'Hiver, PS France will launch its European Election Campaign with Martin Schulz in the lead. Read more about the event here or watch it live through on PS France's website.