Belgian Parti Socialiste Launches European Campaign with Marie Arena as Lead Candidate


From PS Congress

From PS Congress

The Parti Socialiste (PS) named its top candidates for May’s European Parliament elections at their congress in Brussels this weekend. Marie Arena, Senator and former Minister-President of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels, is heading the list of candidates.

This weekend’s Congress, attended by over 2000 party members, marked the official launch of the PS’s European election campaign, where the party introduced its policy priorities and underlined its support for Common Candidate Martin Schulz as Commission President.

“We Socialists want to urgently change the course of Europe. We want a Europe of solidarity, a socially just continent where everyone has a hope for a better future, especially our young people.” stated Marie Arena after her nomination. “In this battle for a better Europe the PES family will be our strength. With a chance of the PES becoming the biggest group in the European Parliament, and with our Common Candidate Martin Schulz in the lead, we have a major asset in the fight for a change of direction*.”

Marc Tarabella and Hugues Bayet are the second and third candidates on the PS list.


*Translated from the original speech by Marie Arena in French.