PES Finance Ministers call for a more progressive and sustainable Europe after the EU Elections.


PES Finance Ministers

PES Finance Ministers

The Finance Ministers of the Party of European Socialists (PES) met today at the PES Headquarters. The Ministers welcomed the good signs of progress on the Financial Transaction Tax and strongly supported the introduction of a concrete timetable for its implementation.

They discussed the importance of changing the course of Europe thanks the upcoming European Elections. They agreed that European economic policy needs an alternative approach to promote sustainable growth. The Ministers reiterated their support for PES common candidate Martin Schulz and discussed his campaign so far and the importance of the final days ahead.

Finnish Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister and chairwoman of the network Jutta Urpilainen stated: "In just over two weeks, the citizens of Europe will be called upon to decide what kind of Europe they want for the next 5 years. On 22-25 May, voters have a chance to opt for Europe of sustainable growth and investment that creates new and decent jobs. This Europe can be delivered by the Socialists and Social Democrats and their common candidate Martin Schulz."

She added: “As a consequence of this choice, financial markets can be better supervised and the cost of future banking crises can be carried by shareholders and creditors. Europe can actively fight against tax fraud and tax evasion. Thanks to the continued commitment of our PES family, we are one step closer to making the FTT a reality, one more victory against destructive financial speculation. A progressive Europe which aspires to social democratic values can be ours on 26 May."

The Ministers welcomed the newly appointed French Finance Minister Michel Sapin to the meeting.