PES Ministers meet ahead of EU justice council




Today, 9 October, Justice Ministers from the PES family met ahead of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxemburg. The occasion of this first meeting of the PES Justice Ministers was to improve their coordination and enhance common progressive positions.

The meeting was chaired by Italian Minister Andrea Orlando who declared that; "each and every European can expect a justice system in Europe that is transparent, fair, and that will give everyone adequate protection. As PES Ministers of Justice, it is our duty to promote a solid system that will protect our citizens’ data as well as their security. We had the opportunity today to reconfirm our shared values and views on the very important issues that have been put on the agenda by the Italian Presidency. Issues such as personal data protection, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, mutual recognition, or the simplification of public documents concern all European citizens. Today we open a strong way to work together to build a social perspective of justice".

"We are looking forward to continue our joint endeavour".


List of presence.
Mr. Andrea Orlando, Italy, Chair
Mr. Robert Marius Cazaciuc, Romania
Mr. Andres Anvelt, Estonia
Mr. Juozas Bernatonis, Lithuania
Mr; Owen Bonnici, Malta

The PES Justice Coordination includes as well ministers of France, Sweden, Germany and Denmark who regret not to be able to be present.