PES Prime Ministers and Presidents call on EU summit to honour June pledge for more jobs and growth




“To have credibility with the citizens of Europe we must follow through on our commitments” says Stanishev. Meeting to prepare positions ahead of today’s European Summit, the Party of European Socialists’ Prime Ministers and Heads of State, have called for pledges for more European solidarity ‘to be honoured’. The meeting participants, who included French PresidentFrançois Hollande, called for a swifter implementation of the Compact for Growth and Jobs agreed in June. The push comes after increasing frustration from progressive party leaders that the timetable on the jobs and growth deal were slipping.

The President of the PES, Sergei Stanishev noted that; “the citizens of Europe have made sacrifice after sacrifice. It is essential that a strong signal is given at this summit that their interests are at the heart of the EU recovery strategy. This means measures to ensure that social recovery goes hand in hand with economic recovery. At this EU summit, the PES family is pledged to ensuring that our progressive voice is a strong and coordinated one”.

Mr. Stanishev noted that the agreement at the EU summit in June should be honoured. “In June, we finally made forward steps on banking supervision. We took steps with concrete financial regulation to avoid the risk of another financial crisis. And we took concrete steps with the compact on jobs and growth. To have credibility with the citizens of Europe, EU decision-makers must now follow through on their commitments”.

The progressive measures on the agenda, were acknowledged by the PES President as being due to Socialist pressures; “Thanks to the work of our PES family, the European Youth Guarantee is on the agenda. Thanks to the PES, the Financial Transaction Tax is now becoming a reality. The Single Supervisory Mechanism is also a bold step forward advocated by us”.

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