PES Secretary General meets Labor leader Shelly Yachimovich, as Israeli General Election called: “Israel must use this opportunity to go in a progressive direction”


Achim Post

Achim Post

Meeting at the Party of European Socialists (PES) headquarters in Brussels, PES Secretary General Achim Post and the leader of the Israeli Labor Party Shelly Yachimovichdiscussed the social dimension of the crisis in both Israel and Europe. The meeting came as the Israeli Government announced snap General elections ‘as soon as possible’.

Israel, under the Conservative government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has gone through the same path of austerity and cuts imposed by EU Conservatives, resulting in severe social tensions, rising income disparities and dangerous drops in welfare spending.

PES Secretary General Achim Post stated that; “Israel needs the progressive voice of Shelly Yachimovich and her party, Labor. The economic policies in Israel have led to increased social exclusion and widening gaps in society. It is time for a new direction based on progressive policies that promote growth and quality services”.

The two leaders agreed to deepen relations between the PES and its member party Labor, which has grown significantly since Ms. Yachimovich became party leader one year ago. In their meeting, which took place on the 10th of October, they also talked about the success of the recent PES Congress and the progress made on the common candidate for the 2014 European Elections.