PES and Common Candidate praise Maltese PM on civil union bill


© Reuben Piscopo DOI

© Reuben Piscopo DOI

PES and Martin Schulz, PES Common Candidate, congratulate Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the Maltese Labour Party on the adoption of the civil union bill. The bill will grant same-sex couples the legal protections, privileges and obligations granted to married heterosexual couples, including the right to adopt children jointly.

This progressive step forward is proof of Maltese Labour’s commitment to full equality.” Martin Schulz stated as he congratulated the Labour government.

“In these times, when inequality is on the rise and when we see regressive legislation being proposed by right wing elements in society, it is inspiring to see the Partit Laburista standing behind the core values that we as a political family hold sacred, the values of equality.” PES Deputy Secretary General, Marije Laffeber stated as she expressed her admiration for the Maltese government:

Rainbow Rose, the LGBT observer member of the PES also welcomed the new Legislation. Read their full press release here.

Further demonstrating its commitment to equal rights, the Labour government of Malta is co-hosting a conference next month promoting the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) in the capital.