PES calls for immediate de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine




The PES is gravely concerned with the rising tensions in Ukraine, and more particularly Eastern Ukraine, where armed individuals have occupied several government buildings.

“The Ukrainian government should make all efforts necessary to immediately de-escalate the situation.  We support Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, and condemn any attempts at destabilising Ukraine. All forms of incitement and provocation must stop. We strongly urge Russia and Ukraine to engage in genuine talks and make a sincere attempt to come to a peaceful solution. The Ukrainian government need to start a serious dialogue with all parts of the society to preserve the unity of the country”, says PES President Sergei Stanishev.

‘We welcome the political process between the EU, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the US, starting on Thursday the 17th of April, as the indication of a more constructive and reasonable chapter. Politicians and leaders should strive to protect people’s right to live without fear of violence or loss of life. The only viable solution that can bring stability to the Ukraine, and the region, is a political one".

PES would like to reiterate that it condemns the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia, which sets a dangerous precedent that could lead to further destabilisation of the region.

European socialists and social democrats call for the EU to support Ukraine with economic and institutional reforms, and look forward to a finalisation of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine after the presidential elections of 25 May.