Corina Cretu: I will fight for a Europe of equal rights for all its citizens




MEP Corina Crețu, top candidate of PSD for this year’s European elections is campaigning throughout entire Romania, meeting party supporters in many corners of the country.

Renown for her firm stand against the attitude of populist and xenophobe politicians, Corina Crețu declared that regaining respect for Romanians in the EU will be her primary objective once elected for a new term in the European Parliament.

“The project which we have invested in most of our energy is related to the lifting of restrictions on the labour market, a field in which we need to continue our efforts to gain respect for Romanians who have jobs and live abroad, and who therefore bring their contribution to their adoptive societies, and who, despite all this, are now victims of vilifications”, said Corina Crețu, MEP.

She also stressed the fact that she will continue her fight to eliminate discrimination against Romanians in Europe and to gain them a fair treatment as European citizens with equal rights and responsibilities.

“Should the far-right gain a significant number of seats in the future Parliament, we will have to build a “cordone sanitaire” that will allow the EP to function without major disturbances. The European Union is too of an important project to allow politicians who embrace a populist rhetoric to undermine it”, added the social-democrat MEP.