Democratic Party of Moldova welcomed into PES Family


Partidului Democrat din Moldova

Partidului Democrat din Moldova

The Party of European Socialists (PES), at its Presidency meeting held in Brussels on October 14th, unanimously voted to accept the membership application of the Democratic Party of Moldova. The progressive Moldovan partner party had applied for the political affiliation earlier this year.

PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen said: “Under the leadership of Marian Lupu, the Democratic Party has contributed to the historical political change Moldova witnessed in 2009. The party has become a force for all Moldovans, the force for higher living standards, more social justice and for fairer growth. Under the leadership of Marian Lupu, the Democratic Party has fought for responsible economic and social policies within the governing coalition, and it has brought Moldova closer to Europe. Today, thanks to the hard work of Marian Lupu and his team, the Democratic Party of Moldova is a Member of the Party of European Socialists. I warmly welcome the Democratic Party of Moldova to the PES European political family, our common progressive house.”

Commenting on the upcoming elections in the country, he added: “For Moldova, For You. This is the campaign slogan of the Democratic Party of Moldova. This is the role that we as a family must have in Moldova. We need to build a country for all Moldovans, beyond the particular interests of particular segments of society. Today Moldova faces important economic, social, political challenges. At the next elections Moldovan people have the chance to mark a new beginning for their country. Only a stronger Democratic Party can deliver on the domestic needs of Moldova today and bring it closer to Europe. I wish the party the very best in the campaign. I am confident that on November 28th the ballots will demonstrate the confidence Moldovans have for the Democratic Party.”


The Democratic Party of Moldova is holding its electoral campaign launch event on Sunday, October 17th, in view of the early parliamentary elections on 28th November 2010. Moldova has seen some drastic political changes in the past year. The 8-year rule of Communists ended with the twitter revolution and after the early elections of summer 2009 a new ruling coalition, the Alliance for European Integration (AEI), was established by the Democratic Party (DPM), the Liberal Party (LP), the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and the Moldova Noastra Alliance (MNA). However, the coalition was 8 parliamentary seats short of electing the next President. After ongoing negotiations on constitutional changes, a referendum was held in September 2010 and early elections were called shortly after.