PES leaders propose plan for EU summit that 'boosts our economy while strengthening our democracy'


PES Family Photo

PES Family Photo

The President of the Party of European Socialists (PES), Sergei Stanishev, has outlined the conclusions of the PES leaders meeting ahead of today's European Council. Mr Stanishev, who was accompanied by the head of the Portuguese Socialist Party, Antonio Jose Seguro, made a strong call for 'concrete progressive' decisions at the EU summit.

Mr Stanishev said that the direction as outlined by the PES would; 'boost our economy while strengthening our democracy'. He made special reference to the need for the PES proposal for a European Youth Guarantee to be adopted in the Council conclusions. He said that; 'this (the youth guarantee) is a valuable way of showing clear measures of support to those who otherwise risk becoming disillusioned with the EU project".

He also emphasised the need to include measures which ensure the separation of investment and commercial banking.

Mr. Seguro notes that the measures in the declaration provided a clear basis for a positive European solution, but reminded those present that with the Conservative majority still present in Council, it was even more important that we build further on the progressive momentum brought by Francois Hollande, and the other Socialist leaders in the Council.

The leader of the Socialists in the European Parliament (S&D group) Hannes Swoboda, gave strong support to the PES line. He noted that :

"This summit must come up with real measures. We must give back trust to people and restore the European house. What we need is more integration both with regard to fiscal and economic policy as well as a bigger step towards a political union. Measures such as a financial transaction tax, an expanded role for the EIB, project bonds and also Eurobonds must be taken. In addition we need a golden rule to increase investment as proposed by Mario Monti and a European debt agency as suggested by Jacques Delors and Helmut Schmidt".

PES declaration

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