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PES Council – Building a fairer future for Europe

The PES Council that will gather in Sofia next week on June 22nd will set the PES agenda for the months ahead and will kick-start the preparations for the 2014 EU elections.


The PES fundamental programme, which will serve as a basis to our election manifesto for next year, will be approved at the Council. This document is the result of an open consultation and will gather the contributions of member parties, activists, experts, NGOs and civil society groups. It will reflect our commitment to the common values ofdemocracy, equality and solidarity and it will be defended by our common candidate during the 2014 EU elections.

In a moment when democracy is being challenged inside Europe, it is fundamental that we fight for these values, upon which the EU was founded. It is vital that citizens can continue being active participants in the society without suffering from restrictions imposed by authoritarian regimes or severe social-economic constraints.

Furthermore, these social-economic challenges will also be addressed at the Council. Since the last European elections in 2009, the EU has gone through its worst economic crisis. With millions of jobs lost due to the crisis and the blind cuts imposed by ruling conservatives, citizens are struggling with harsher living conditions while young people dwell in precariousness and see their future jeopardized.

The PES Council will present concrete proposals to develop a European industrial policy, based on innovation, quality and a highly skilled work-force. Instead of competing with emerging economies by reducing wages and workers' protection, we will invest in requalification of workers to boost sustainable growth and to improve working conditions for all Europeans.

We will also make sure that the young generations are given a real chance. After the intensive work of PES leaders, MEPs, MPs and thousands of highly motivated campaigners, our Council will echo the mobilization we generated throughout Europe in the last year and call for the European Youth Guarantee to be quickly implemented and its budget reinforced.

The PES has long proposed an alternative agenda to end the crisis and to bring back growth and jobs. 2014 will be the year to implement this new way and to put people back at the core of the European agenda.

This is why I would like to invite you to join us in Sofia and to be a part of this exciting moment as we start taking Europe back!

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