Another Nordic country forms social democratic government

Another Nordic country forms social democratic government

Denmark is the latest Nordic country to back social democracy, coming after general election victories by the Social Democratic Party of Finland in April and the Swedish Social Democratic Party last year.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Denmark is the latest member state to say it’s time to put socialists and social democrats back in charge. This is another victory for our political family and it makes our movement stronger as we campaign to change Europe for the better.

“Mette Frederiksen campaigned, and won, on a manifesto which promoted investment in welfare, protecting the climate, empowering women and strengthening education. On behalf of the PES, I warmly congratulate her and the Social Democratic Party and look forward to working with the new government as we fight for a fairer, freer and more sustainable Europe.” 

At the Danish general election in June, the progressive ‘red block’ of parties secured a majority, overtaking the ‘blue block’ composed of liberal, centre-right and Eurosceptic parties.