The party

The party

The Party of European Socialists (PES) brings together the socialist, social democratic, labour and democratic parties from all over the European Union, the United Kingdom and Norway. Together with 33 full member parties and 13 associate and 16 observer parties, we fight for a better and more progressive Europe.

Our mission is to make Europe work for its people. As a major political force, we define and adopt common policies to promote economic, social and environmental justice, fundamental rights, and a better life for everyone.

We are millions of supporters working for a progressive future, helping to elect socialists and democrats across Europe to state governments and EU institutions.

We work to strengthen social democracy in the EU and its member states, by building European awareness, representing citizens’ political will, leading European institutions, and putting forward European election campaigns with a common candidate and values.

From our foundation in 1992, our movement continues to unite progressives and shape a better future for Europe.

Check the PES Statutes.

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The party


Stefan Löfven

PES leadership, PES Congress 2022


Giacomo Filibeck

Secretary General

Giacomo Filibeck

The party


Caroline Gennez

The party


The Congress brings together the leaders of PES members parties and organisations to set the priorities of the PES.

Council 2017


The Council is the place where our political priorities are discussed. It meets every year, unless there is a Congress.

The party


The Presidency meets regularly (every two to four months) in between Congresses and takes decisions on the daily management of the work of the PES.

The party

Our team

The daily work of the PES is carried by the secretariat, led by the Secretary General and the three Deputy Secretaries General.