Economy & Finance

Economy & Finance

We believe that the economy must always serve society, and not the other way round. Throughout the 2008 financial crisis, and the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been fighting for investment in jobs, growth-inducing sectors and people – and in particular youth – as a crucial element to bring about a sustainable economic recovery. The fight is far from over, but we’ve managed to bring about a shift in European policy, bringing the EU slowly back on track.

The EU responded decisively to limit the social and economic impact of the health crisis. It has put forward many financial resources to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic, giving Member States the flexibility to react quickly and manage to keep companies afloat, with a temporary suspension of the Stability and Growth Pact and the SURE instrument. However, many small businesses are still struggling to make their way out of the health crisis, even as the energy crisis has hit. The EU must act more forcefully to tackle the problem of inequality; we cannot aim merely for the creation of wealth and resources, but we must also ensure their fair distribution, supporting people and regions affected by the green and digital transitions.

  • PES Manifesto 2024

    Adopted by the PES Election Congress, 2 March 2024
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  • A New Model for Tax Justice in Europe: A shift to ensure fairness and sustainability

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  • Fair global tax rules

    Declaration adopted by the PES Presidency of 25 June 2021
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