Security & Justice

Security & Justice

The security and safety of all citizens in Europe is a key priority. Together with our Justice and Home Affairs Ministers, representatives from our parties and partners, we’re pushing for an agenda that prioritises the security of all citizens hand in hand with social and integration policies, always with full respect of individual and collective rights.

The PES brings together national ministers and other high-level figures to tackle key issues such as the fight against terrorism, trafficking of firearms, terrorist financing and the phenomenon of radicalisation. The PES believes that this can be best achieved through close collaboration between member states, judicial bodies, police forces and intelligence services.

  • PES Manifesto 2024

    Adopted by the PES Election Congress, 2 March 2024
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    View document March 2, 2024
  • Addressing the energy crisis and accelerating the clean energy transition for all

    Declaration adopted by the PES Presidency of 28 April 2022
    View document April 29, 2022
  • PES Presidency statement on Ukraine

    Adopted by the PES Presidency of 24 February 2022
    View document February 24, 2022