International Affairs & Cooperation

International Affairs & Cooperation

The PES is working for a better world. Europe has a major role to play on the international scene and must show its commitment to a just, democratic, peaceful and sustainable world. The PES works with progressive international partners to support this vision in Europe, its neighbourhood, and beyond.

The Party of European Socialists is deeply involved in international issues, bringing together heads of government, foreign ministers, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, and other high-level figures to discuss urgent and emerging international issues, and the push for global democracy, peace and stability.


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  • International Affairs & Cooperation

    PES Development Ministers Statement on Iran

    Brussels, Thursday 13 October 2022
    View document October 13, 2022
  • International Affairs & Cooperation

    Declaration of PES Development Ministers

    PES Ministerial Development Cooperation – Joint Declaration – March 2022
    View document March 6, 2022
  • PES Presidency statement on Ukraine

    Adopted by the PES Presidency of 24 February 2022
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