We are a feminist party, which fights for equal rights and opportunities for all women, men and non-binary people. Gender equality and LGBTI rights are crucial for well-functioning democracies, and any form of discrimination is unacceptable in our modern European societies.

  • Combatting gender-based violence

    Gender-based violence is a human rights violation. One in three women in Europe have experienced some form of physical and/or sexual violence since the age of 15. We urge all EU Member States to ratify and implement the Istanbul Convention, to make Europe a safer place for all women by recognising multiple forms of gender-based violence, taking measures to prevent it, protect victims and prosecute perpetrators. It is the only way forward for Europe to guarantee the protection and safety of all women, girls and vulnerable groups in Europe, including Roma women, women with disabilities as well as refugee women, migrants and LGBTI people arriving to Europe.

  • A feminist economy

    We fight to close the gender gaps through a feminist economy. Social and economic policies must properly acknowledge the contribution made by women. We advocate equal pay for work of equal value, binding pay transparency legislation, and measures to improve women’s labour market participation and combat gender stereotypes. We need better work-life balance, more public investment in the welfare state, and more women in economic and political decision-making.


  • All rights for all women

    All women in Europe, in all their diversity, should have equal access to participation in decision-making, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender-responsive and gender-mainstreamed political institutions. We value diversity, inclusion and an intersectional approach to equality.


Fighting for equality for all


PES Women

PES Women promotes gender equality and women’s representation both inside and outside the Party of European Socialists.

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Rainbow Rose

The network for the LGBTI groups of Europe’s socialist, social democratic & labour parties.

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