Building our campaign to win the next EU election

Building our campaign to win the next EU election

The activists will gather for a long weekend in Brussels and Leuven, Belgium, where they will share their experiences and learn from campaign managers and communication experts from all around the world. In three workshops they will receive intense training and hear about different political realities in the EU member states. 

“The Training academy is the first of many steps the PES is taking to provide support  to its members for the upcoming European Election. Our goal is to offer variety of tools at the disposal of our parties, so they can choose the ones that will be more effective and suitable for their respective campaigns. Training young people form our member parties in campaigning and communication  has proven invaluable during the campaign of 2014. Now we are doing this training on a much higher level”, said Marije Laffeber.

Promoting the European idea within the countries of origin of the participants will be a fundamental task during the European election campaign. Only a progressive Europe can improve the living situation of every European Citizen and together we will make this happen. The PES Campaign Academy is one important piece of the overall picture.

During the academy, the PES will introduce one of its new initiatives – the mayor of Leuven, Louis Tobback, a former Belgian interior minister and a devoted social democrat will be awarded the PES medal for European Merit.

Photos from the event – here