Challenging Theresa May head on is the right thing to do

Challenging Theresa May head on is the right thing to do

Following Theresa May’s humiliating defeat in the House of Commons last night, the biggest ever for a UK Government, the Party of European Socialists has expressed support for Labour’s bid to trigger a general election.

President of the PES, Sergei Stanishev said:

“Prime Minister May has completely botched Brexit. She spent two years ignoring other voices and treating Brexit as an internal Conservative Party issue, when she should have been working to bring the country and parliament together around a way forward. A vote of no confidence in Theresa May is the right thing to do now. Indeed, if this British Parliament is not able to find a way, then it is time to turn again to the people.”

Achim Post, Secretary General of the PES, said:

“The result of the Brexit vote is a crushing defeat for Theresa May. Turbulent days are ahead in London. It is a mystery to me how Theresa May should succeed until Monday in finding a solution that is viable for both, the EU and the British Parliament. Therefore, it is good that the Labour Party is calling for a vote of no-confidence today. This could lead to new political dynamics.”