Election Congress: PES reach milestone of 5000 activists trained

Election Congress: PES reach milestone of 5000 activists trained

In December the party pledged to organise the biggest progressive mobilisation ever for the European elections, launching a new training academy for activists to help reach this goal. Since then, a number of trainings have taken place across Europe.

The 2019 Campaign Academy brings leading campaigners from PES member parties and organisations together to deliver workshops and panel discussions on election hot-topics. 

Ahead of the PES Election Congress, which takes place in Madrid today and tomorrow, the 2019 Campaign Academy has organised a Campaign Camp for activists.

The event is being led by progressive organisers and strategists from the US, UK and Spain. They will train activists on a broad range of election related topics, including the core campaign messages for the European elections, digital strategy, and mobilising for diversity.

Activists attending the event in Madrid will not only put the techniques they learn into action themselves, they will share their knowledge with other progressives in their home country.

Marije Laffeber, the PES Deputy Secretary General who oversees the 2019 Campaign Academy, said:

“We are working hard to train the next generation of political and campaign leaders. They are crucial for the success of our movement in May, and well beyond. We are relying on a base of well-trained campaigners, working together across Europe, to get our message out for these elections. Mass, grassroots, political activism, is the core of our campaign mobilisation, and I would like to thank all our activists for their dedication and commitment.”

The Campaign Camp is an evolution of the PES Campaign Academy, which has trained activists from all over Europe on a variety of political issues.

Photos from the event can be downloaded on the PES Flickr.