Europe declared LGBTIQ freedom zone

Europe declared LGBTIQ freedom zone

Exactly one year ago the first so-called “LGBTI free zone” was declared in Poland. It was another step, by the right-wing government, to undermine human rights. Since then the backlash in Poland has grown and members of the LGBTIQ community have suffered severe attacks on their human rights. 

Camila Garfias, President of Rainbow Rose welcomes the declaration of the European Parliament, said:

“This declaration of the European LGBTIQ freedom zone is an important signal to every member of the LGBTIQ community everywhere in Europe and beyond. Following Commissioner Dalli’s LGBTIQ Equality Strategy, the LGBTIQ freedom zone is another step to position Europe as the centre of human rights and civil liberties.”

Sergei Stanishev, PES President, said:

“We believe all European citizens should enjoy the same rights as well as being treated equally no matter who they love. This European Parliament resolution shows our continuous commitment and support to the fight for our values and EU principles to guarantee equal rights and the full protection of LGBTI people across Europe.”

The PES is the only European political party that has developed an LGBTI Roadmap dedicated to addressing LGBTI topics. We also have the most comprehensive and advanced LGBTI policy proposals for the current European term.