Finnish election shows progressive Europe is coming

Finnish election shows progressive Europe is coming

For the first time in two decades, following victory at Sunday’s general election, Finland is on course for a government led by the Social Democratic Party of Finland. SDP leader Antti Rinne will now work to build a progressive coalition and form Government.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“On behalf of the whole progressive family I would like to warmly congratulate the SDP for this fantastic victory. Their campaign focused on core progressive values, like strengthening the welfare system and fighting inequalities. This vision for Finland was backed by the voters, just as it is being supported across Europe – left of centre parties are making gains. Finland is the latest sign that progressives have the momentum going into the European elections.”

Sunday’s result showed clearly that progressive politics is the only remedy against the hardline anti-immigrant and climate change denying politics of nationalists, like the True Finns party.

The victory for the SDP comes just months before Finland is set to take over presidency of the European Union in July.