Maltese election critical to protect human rights & equality

Maltese election critical to protect human rights & equality

Recent reforms implemented by the progressive Partit Laburista (Labour party) government have led to Malta’s being ranked by ILGA-Europe as the #1 country for LGBTI rights in Europe in 2016.

In cooperation with civil society, recent progressive reforms include:

  • Civil partnership and joint adoption by same-sex couples
  • The right to change legal gender
  • Intersex minors protected from invasive surgical procedures
  • LGBTI people allowed to serve openly in the military
    Step-child adoption by same-sex couples
  • Conversion therapy outlawed

Meanwhile, Malta’s main opposition, the Nationalist Party (PN), is emerging as a threat to this progress, reinforced by their decision to endorse Josie Muscat as a candidate. Mr Muscat is one of Malta’s strongest opponents of LGBTI rights.

Rainbow Rose President Mia Sundelin said:

“Malta faces a stark choice on 3 June. A vote for the Nationalist Party and its anti-equality candidate Josie Muscat is a vote that puts at risk Malta’s world-leading progress on equality and human rights.

“Now is the time, more than ever, to stand up for solidarity, human rights and equality. Under a Partit Laburista government, Malta will continue to lead Europe and the world.

“Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and civil liberties minister Helena Dalli are committed to making Malta a country where everyone can be who they are.”