PES Activists, a journey in Prague

PES Activists, a journey in Prague

More than 300 participants from 30 different countries came with gender-balanced delegations to strengthen their ties and “Save Europe”.

Across three days, our activists had the opportunity to debate with political leaders from all over Europe. We wanted to give our activists the opportunity to talk face to face with Jeremy Corbyn, listen to Colum Eastwood or ask Czech prime minister Sobotka about his progressive policies in the Czech Republic.

But the big political names were not the only highlights of this event. Our activists, who do a great job in protecting European values in their countries every day, took the floor themselves and shared their own experiences. Our first ‘Activist Talks’ was a huge success. Eight activists from all over Europe shared their experience and vision of what it means for them to be an Activist.

And that’s not all! Our ‘Activists Forum’ was the platform for political debates: How can we engage citizens? How can we help people believe in the European Union again? How can we make our movement more attractive for all citizens? Our activists exchanged views, experiences and thoughts on all those questions.

PES is working to make our party a more participative one and give the voice to all the members and activists. So we were proud that our deputy secretary general, Giacomo Filibeck, presented the new ‘Activists Forum’ website, a platform for debates and political exchanges for everyone in the PES. But this tool is more than that — it is a channel to be in permanent contact with our activists, to listen to their ideas and to bring our policies and our party closer to all citizens in Europe.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank every activist who joined the PES Council in Prague. It was a pleasure to see so many new faces at such an important event. We are very much looking forward to staying in contact with you via our online forum or at one of our next events.