PES adopts LGBTI rights roadmap in run up to this week Madrid Worldpride

PES adopts LGBTI rights roadmap in run up to this week Madrid Worldpride

PES member parties have committed to promote EU-wide hate crime legislation, to monitor systematic violations of LGBTI rights within the existing EU rules on fundamental rights, and to support LGBTIQ groups within their structures, among other measures.  

Mia Sundelin, president of the PES LGBTI network Rainbow Rose, said:

“This is an important step to give all people equal rights. This adoption means LGBTI rights will raise on the agenda within all our sister parties in Europe. Implementing this roadmap will change thousands of lives in Europe for the better.”

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

”Right wing politicians are increasingly using LGBTI people and other minorities as a scapegoat. But human rights are universal and indivisible. Social democrats must stand firmly to combat hatred and intolerance in Europe.”

On Friday 30 June 2017, during the worldpride PES, Rainbow Rose, PSOE and partners will organize a conference on “A Global Perspective to LGBTIQ rights, our achievements and tomorrow’s challenges”.  

The conference focuses on achievements but also on the new challenges we face as socialists and democrats regarding the advancing of LGBTI rights, in Europe and at international level.

Some of the speakers:

  • Daniele Viotti, LGBTI Intergroup Co-President at the European Parliament 

  • Mia Sundelin, Rainbow Rose President 

  • Marije Laffeber, PES Deputy Secretary General 

  • Adriana Lastra, PSOE Vice Secretary General 

  • João Duarte Albuquerque, YES President 

For more info on Rainbow Rose, check: