PES calls for anti-far-right mobilisation in France

PES calls for anti-far-right mobilisation in France

We pledge our support for Emmanuel Macron in the second round on 7 May.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“The results of Parti Socialiste candidate Benoît Hamon sadly do not reflect the inclusive campaign he fought, nor the fair, sustainable and forward-looking programme he put forward. He also had a consistent and strong line against the far right.

“The PS programme remains a solid framework for the general elections in June, in which the PS can count on the full support of PES.

“But I am reassured to see that, as in other elections, the votes of young people – who are the future of Europe – were overwhelmingly pro-European.

“In the second round, I trust that voters from across the political spectrum will come together to vote against the far right. A vote against Le Pen is a vote for France and for Europe.”