PES Europe Ministers support a real change in Europe ahead of the European election

PES Europe Ministers support a real change in Europe ahead of the European election

The chair of the network, German Minister for Europe Michael Roth, expressed his support and optimism for real change in Europe.

Michael Roth said:

“Europe needs to become more fair, more democratic, and more sustainable. Our vision for a better Europe is one with fair minimum wages for all European workers, with affordable housing and clean public transport all across Europe. It is one that delivers an ecological transition that gives a healthy future together with social fairness. One that ensures tax justice is put in place and web giants are taxed as they should be. It is one that promotes strong democracies that defend the rule of law. One that supports real gender equality, and the respect of individual and collective human rights.  The next legislative term needs to put these issues at the top of the agenda. Frans Timmermans is the best candidate that Europe has to ensure that this will be the case. To ensure a better future for all.

“This is why I stand behind Frans Timmermans to become the next President of the European Commission. This is why I urge everyone to go cast your vote for social democrats, socialists and labour parties in these European elections. This vote is a vote for a progressive majority in Europe.”

The meeting was attended by:

  • Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe, Germany, Chair of the meeting
  • Helena Dalli, Minister for European Affairs and Equality, Malta
  • Ana Paula Zacarias, Secretary of State for European Affairs, Portugal
  • Marco Aguiriano, Secretary of State for the European Union, Spain
  • Hans Dahlgren, Minister for European Union Affairs, Sweden
  • Frazer Clarke, Deputy Secretary General of the S&D Group, European Parliament
  • Yonnec Polet, Deputy Secretary General, PES