PES fully supports PD Italy in its renewal process

PES fully supports PD Italy in its renewal process

Following last week’s election in Italy, the PD has an opportunity to regain the trust of the Italian people, and to bring renewed strength and fresh ideas about the common future of the European progressive movement.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“Italy needs a strong pro-European political party to lead the defence of progressive values. The PD has always been that party, and we fully support it in this reshaping process. I wish Maurizio Martina, the acting PD leader, great success in managing the challenging and delicate phase that the party is going through.

“We look forward to continue the close cooperation and solidarity between the PD and its PES sister parties.”

The renewal process is not unique to PD in Italy. The process of searching for new vision for the family of European socialists and democrats started during the PES Council in Lisbon in 2017, which was entitled ‘Progressive Europe: Renewal’ which was also attended by Maurizio Martina himself.

Mr Stanishev added:

“Many of our parties are currently in the middle of this renewal, and I am sure they will come back stronger and more united in their commitment to a progressive future for Europe.”