PES President in support of the protests in Bulgaria

PES President in support of the protests in Bulgaria

The PES has been following the wave of anti-government protests in Bulgaria very closely. For five consecutive days, thousands of citizens have taken to the streets in the capital Sofia and in many other cities to demand fair, transparent and democratic governance for the country.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Thousands of Bulgarians are saying ‘enough is enough!’. I support the rightful anger of the protesters. They are right to demand a just, transparent and democratic society. Corruption, abuses of power and disrespect of civil rights must not be tolerated. The wave of protests is a positive sign that civil society is awakening in Bulgaria.

“People have the right to keep those in power accountable, and that is what these protests are doing right now. I fully support the rightful demands of the protesters for a democratic and transparent Bulgaria and for change – for government which is fair, accountable and decent.”

The PES President today shared his support for the protests with progressive European commissioners and the leadership of the S&D Group during a meeting of the S&D Bureau. On Thursday, he will brief the leaders and prime ministers from the PES on the situation in Bulgaria at a European Council preparation meeting.

The PES has always strongly defended respect for the Rule of Law, civil liberties and freedom of media by EU member states and the PES fully supports the rightful demands for a democratic and transparent government in Bulgaria.