PES pushes for Migration Compact

PES pushes for Migration Compact

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: “We welcome the Migration compact and we look forward to the first assessment to be carried out by the European Commission before the end of this year.”

The PES Leaders agreed that a workable European Migration Compact must be developed as soon as possible. This compact must, on the one hand, ensure the control of the external borders of the EU through a reinforced European Border and Coast Guard and, and on the other hand, to be based on mutual solidarity.

At the meeting, PES leaders agreed that European Institutions need stability in this particular moment and that it would be good for the European Union if the current presidents of the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament would hold office until the end of the term.

We will be having difficult negotiations for the Brexit and we need people in the EU team that have experience playing together“, Stanishev said.

Stanishev highlighted that the “European Socialists and Democrats have agreed that the progressives should lead the process of further development of the EU for the best of its citizens.” The PES leaders agreed on the need to rediscover the social democratic roots of the EU.