PES & Rainbow Rose appalled at reports from Chechnya

PES & Rainbow Rose appalled at reports from Chechnya

According to reports in a Russian newspaper last week, more than 100 gay men have been subjected to arbitrary detention, beatings and torture in the autonomous Russian region.

We unreservedly condemn violence or mistreatment of any kind towards anyone on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

We further condemn torture, arbitrary detention and extra-judicial punishment in any circumstances whatsoever, and we call on the Chechen authorities to investigate these reports immediately and deal with them accordingly.

Mía Sundelin, president of PES member organisation Rainbow Rose, said:

“Chechnya needs our support. As a party based on solidarity, we must immediately provide practical support to with LGBTI organisations in the area. We also need to put political pressure on the Chechen authorities and demand a full investigation.

“We can never accept that people should be attacked or killed because of who they are. This is a concern for all Europe.”