PES: Schulz and Gabriel united to win German elections

PES: Schulz and Gabriel united to win German elections

The former president of the European Parliament is an excellent progressive candidate to challenge the current chancellor, Angela Merkel, in September.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“The decision of Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel to promote Martin brings a new dynamic to the German elections. Sigmar has proved himself to be a great party leader and a great European, concerned equally for the future of Germany and Europe.

“As the SPD’s candidate, Martin’s unique perspective on the European Union will also make the job of nationalists and populists in Germany much harder.”

We commend the work of Sigmar Gabriel to develop the social agenda of Europe and we are confident that this work will continue in his new position.

Stanishev added:

“We stand firmly with our member party, the SPD, and with Martin Schulz in their fight for social rights, equality and justice. The German social democrats can rely on the support of our political family.”