PES stands with LGBTIQ community against campaign to restrict rights in Hungary

PES stands with LGBTIQ community against campaign to restrict rights in Hungary

Camila Garfias, President of Rainbow Rose said:

"The situation in Hungary is becoming more and more dangerous for the LGBTIQ community. This is another state-led attack by Orban and his Fidesz party, a clear push against the values of equality and human rights.

“International solidarity means standing side by side with European citizens under threat. Discrimination, homophobia and sexism have no place in a democratic society, and these trends must be addressed at the EU as well as national and local levels.

“We call on our members and civil society across the EU to stand with us, and get active by getting in touch with their Hungarian sister-cities, by declaring their regions, cities or communities LGBTIQ freedom zone and by supporting the Budapest Pride March.

“We strongly support the community in Hungary and ask the EU Commission to step in and start an infringement procedure to defend all LGBTIQ people in Hungary.

“What is at stake with this action is our very freedom to be who we are. Europe cannot accept the violation of human rights, as socialists and democrats we won't let any government do so.”

European socialists and democrats have long warned that the Hungarian government, led by Viktor Orbán, systematically threatens the rights of LGBTIQ people, women and minorities.  The new law is not only a new form of censorship but a clear violation of European and International law that could stoke up hostility and discrimination against LGBTIQ people.

The PES adds its supports to the European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, who stated earlier this week that “everyone must be free and welcome to be themselves without limitation.” The PES will always fight for the rights of the LGBTIQ community and against discrimination and homophobia.

Despite appeals from human rights officials and boycotts by some opposition parties, Fidesz and Jobbik members of parliament pushed through the new legislation. It prohibits information that the conservative government believes incites homosexuality or gender change from being shared with children. The controversial provisions have many similarities with the 2013 Russian law against “gay propaganda”.

This is not the first time that the Hungarian government has taken a regressive decision that undermines freedoms and rights for the LGBTIQ community. Previously, the government has effectively banned adoption by gay couples and has ended legal recognition for gender change. These attacks are unacceptable and action must be taken against those who limit freedoms.